How to add references

Please add references only to work published during your tenure here at GWUMC. Before you begin please check to make sure that your reference is not already in the database. References are listed alphabetically by the first named author. Your reference will appear in the database only after it has been approved by the database moderator.

Go to the faculty publications website

Login with the username and password that you can obtain from the database moderator Paul Levett

To add a new reference, click your Department name, then move the cursor over 'Add Publications' at the top right and select the type of publication from the menu e.g. journal article, book chapter, online report, etc. Complete the online form. When you have finished, scroll down the screen and click 'Save'.

To add a reference from one year previous, move the cursor over 'Select Publication Year', click the year, then add your reference following the above procedure.

To add a reference from an earlier year, follow the above procedure and type the year you want in the 'Year' field on the online form and click 'Save'.

To add a reference to a work in print, follow the above procedure and type 'in print' in the 'Year' field on the online form and click 'Save'.

About the Faculty Publications Bibliography

This database is a compilation of the faculty publications presented in each issue of Information Interface, the Library's newsletter. References include journal articles, editorials, books, book chapters, audiovisual materials, and computer-based programs. Meeting abstracts and letters are not included in the Faculty Publications Bibliography. Journal citations were downloaded from MEDLINE using the GWUMC and Childrens' Hospital addresses. Citations from books were forwarded from the Library's Acquisitions Department.

If you have any questions please contact Paul Levett at (202) 994-8478 or

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