The Himmelfarb Vision for 2020: Planning Our Next Five Years

The Himmelfarb Vision for 2020: Planning Our Next Five Years
© Marcus Ramberg, 2005
(CC BY-NC 2.0)
In the fall of 2014 the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library staff embarked on a strategic planning journey to map out the services, resources, and personnel needed to provide a state of the art health sciences library for the next five years. With the profession and technology changing rapidly, this was a challenging task and the entire staff is continuing to work collaboratively to develop objectives and goals.

An updated mission statement is now complete:
We support the information needs of the faculty, staff and students of SMHS, GWSPH, and SON by selecting, acquiring, and delivering information and by collaborating, educating, and building community.

The new mission reflects the ongoing traditional role of the academic library to provide the information resources needed by the community, and to educate students and staff in the best methods to find, assess, and organize these resources.  It also looks forward to emerging roles that libraries and librarians are playing within the academic community to help produce and promote research, and to provide spaces and support for creativity and collaboration.

A few years back the importance of the library as a physical space was on the decline as print collections were replaced by electronic.  But recently, libraries with spaces that allow people to work together, learn and use new technologies like 3-D printers, and build community through outreach programs like Healthy Living @ Himmelfarb, were recognized as valuable assets.  At the same time, Himmelfarb needs to continue to build electronic collections and make services available beyond the Foggy Bottom campus as the schools it supports expand globally. 

The strategic planning process will continue through the spring 2015 semester.  A final plan should be available as part of the Library's 2014/2015 annual report. 

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