Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2017

Student Spotlight - Meet Andrea Osborne, a fourth year physical therapy student

Student Spotlight, Andrea OsborneTell us a little bit about yourself, your hometown and why you decided to pursue physical therapy.
I am in my last year of GW’s physical therapy program. I am originally from New Jersey, but I have been in DC for the past 6 years. I became interested in physical therapy due to my love of anatomy and physiology and desire to make a difference in people’s lives. I plan to work in an outpatient setting, but am interested in working with both a geriatric and athletic population. My grandparents raised me so I have a natural affinity for working with the elderly population, but I have also been an athlete since I was a child. Therefore, I am interested in working with a diverse patient population where I can be exposed to a range of patients. Outside of the clinic have a passion to advocate for increasing diversity in the physical therapy field and facilitating knowledge of physical therapy for patients and other health care providers alike.

What brought you to GW?
I attended American University to obtain my B.S. in Health Promotion. During my pursuit for higher education I fell in love with DC and wanted to stay in the area. Other than the location, GW not only had a wonderful curriculum, but the faculty were both intelligent and supportive when it came to their students.

Are there any research, special projects or PT-related trips you have participated in while at GW?
During my time at GW I started a project with some classmates called “Wheelchair for Belize.” In this project we wanted to address the needs of Hillside International to provide wheelchairs for their patients. After starting this project we knew exactly the appropriate proportions of the wheelchair and what materials would be sustainable in Belize, but we were lost when it came to putting that wheelchair together. Fortunately when we reached out to GW’s engineering students, there were a few who were very interested in helping for their senior project. We all worked together on this project a little over two years and had the opportunity to present it at GW’s annual learning symposium.

As you reflect on your years at GW, can you share a favorite Himmelfarb Library memory or experience?
One memory from Himmelfarb that stands out is the day I received multiple well-wishes and congratulations on finishing my degree from those that work at the library. I was fortunate enough to get to know the wonderful people who work there over my eight consecutive semesters and they definitely made the long hours of studying bearable. So of course when they wished me well on my last day, it touched my soul.

What's been the most unexpected, surprising or challenging experience as a GW student?
The most challenging aspect I experienced was more of an inner battle. Due to the difficult curriculum it is easy to question one’s intelligence, but with the support I received from classmates, friends, and family I was able to look past the negative thoughts and work onward toward my goal. This perseverance allowed me to perform confidently at my clinical and taught me valuable lessons on how to provide quality care for my patients.

What are your future plans after GW?
After graduation I will be working in the DC area as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I also will continue to advocate for increased diversity in the physical therapy field.

When you are not studying - What are your hobbies, interests or special things you like to do during your down-time?
By God’s grace I was able to balance my coursework with my hobbies and passions. These include:


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