Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2017

Himmelfarb Library Health Policy Resources

What's New at Himmelfarb LibraryDo you need health policy information to support your teaching or research? Or, do you want more access to health policy information to track policy initiatives?

Himmelfarb Library provides access to scholarly books and journal articles on health policy topics as well as the latest information in health policy news and legislative tracking.

Himmelfarb Library’s users can search for journal articles on health policy topics via broad-based research databases such as Scopus and PubMed, but also have access to specialized resources like the Health Policy Reference Center. The Health Policy Reference Center is a mobile-optimized resource that covers a range of health policy topics with an emphasis on current material and full-text materials. The Health Policy Reference Center covers health policy topics such as access and delivery, administration, financing and economics, planning, quality, reform, health services research, and public health.

For users who need the very latest in health policy information including legislative tracking, Himmelfarb Library provides access to CQ HealthBeat. CQ HealthBeat provides continuously updated information on health policy legislation and regulation including real-time news, information on rules and regulations, legislative tracking, and schedules for forums and events.

Himmelfarb Library’s book and journal collections provide users access to health policy materials including:


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