Himmelfarb Headlines - November / December 2017

Student Spotlight- Meet Kevin Hook, School of Nursing

Kevin Hook, School of NursingThis feature lets us become better acquainted with the students that use the Himmelfarb library resources on a daily basis. Meet Kevin Hook, a School of Nursing student.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hometown and why you decided to pursue nursing?
I was reared in Indianapolis but spent several years in New York working before I changed careers and returned to school to begin a nursing career. However, prior to my move to New York, I had finished a master's degree in Religious Studies and Ethics with a concentration in medical ethics. Health care had always been where I wanted to be, but in my younger years I was interested in many things. So I put it on hold. As I approached 40, it was now or never, so I ended up at Columbia University School of Nursing in the accelerated BSN program. That was the beginning.

What brought you to GW?
It was just time to pursue the DNP. I had been unsure until the last two years or so if I needed a DNP to do what I wanted to do. But as the DNP has become a more well articulated program, I became convinced that this was the next best step.

Are there any research and/or projects you have participated in while at GW?
I have only had time thus far to keep up with the work of the DNP. I am part-time distance student and have a busy full time job as VP of Nursing Practice and Education at a large organization. So that has not allowed much time for much of anything else.

As you reflect on your years at GW, can you share a favorite Himmelfarb Library memory or experience?
I have found the librarian dedicated to our courses in the DNP to be invaluable; she happens to be both knowledgeable and accessible. Her response time to queries is beyond helpful.

What's been the most unexpected, surprising or challenging experience as a GW student?
Being a distance student can feel a bit disconnecting. You don't have that daily interaction in person with your faculty or cohort. But GW clearly had an eye out for that. We gathered at the beginning of our program and then spent a long weekend together this past summer for a course. We will do the same thing next summer for another course. In addition, the live WebEx sessions help keep us connected. The faculty are truly responsive and deeply engaged. I am sure they had to get used to teaching this way as well. For those of us who are older, it's a different way to learn and takes a fair amount of adjustment.

When you are not studying - What are your hobbies, interests or special things you like to do during your down-time?
I am a big  reader, so I try to read non-health care things. I especially read non-fiction lately. Traveling has become a priority so I enjoy planning and then executing on travel plans. Now that I have Netflix and Amazon Prime, I am finding all kinds of interesting programs to watch as well. I serve on a couple of boards and volunteer some.....so my calendar stays full.  But I work at balance and have learned to say 'no' too.


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