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2018 Faculty Survey Results Now Available!

2018 Faculty Survey Results

In April of 2018, Himmelfarb Library conducted a faculty journal survey. This survey was available from April 1, 2018 to May 7, 2018. Faculty from the SMHS, GWSPH, and SON were invited to participate in this survey to provide feedback about the library’s journal collection. The goals of this survey were to:

«  Determine the perceived value of the Himmelfarb journal collection
«  Identify possible titles to add to the journal collection
«  Identify faculty publishing preferences and journal usage habits

The 2018 Faculty Journal Survey Results are now available! Highlights of the survey results include:

«  Total responses: 264
«  An average of 76% of respondents reported being satisfied with access to Himmelfarb’s e-resources.
«  Faculty overwhelmingly agreed that the library makes positive contributions to their teaching and research experiences!
«  93% of respondents reported accessing journals for research and teaching purposes on a weekly or monthly basis.
«  86% of respondents reported being satisfied with the Himmelfarb journal collection.

Himmelfarb is making significant positive contributions to faculty teaching and research. Faculty stated that the largest contributions that the library makes included finding scientific literature for research, staying current in their field, and enriching student-learning experiences.

The most vital journals identified by faculty from SMHS, GWSPH, and SON can be found on the Top Journals page of this site. Journal titles identified as possible titles to add to the collection are listed on the Journal Requests page.

74% of faculty reported accessing journals for teaching purposes on a weekly basis, while 19% of faculty reported accessing journals for teaching purposes on a monthly basis. Of the 52% of faculty who use a mobile device to access library resources, the most common mobile use habits included reading articles in an internet browser or downloading a PDF of the resource. See the Journal Usage page for full journal usage results.

Results about faculty publication preferences including influencing factors when choosing where to publish, experiences with open access publishing, and editorial board service are posted on the Publication Factors page.

Overall satisfaction with the Himmelfarb Library journal collection was extremely high! 86% of respondents reported satisfaction with the journal collection. Reasons for dissatisfaction, including some accessibility issues, will be investigated and addressed in the coming months. As always, we value and appreciate faculty feedback about our resources!

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