Himmelfarb Headlines - September / October 2018

Student Spotlight - Meet Leeann Kuehn, a Physician Assistant/Master's in Public Health student

Student Spotlight, Meet Leeann KuehnThis feature lets us become better acquainted with the students that use the Himmelfarb library resources on a daily basis. Meet Leeann Kuehn, a Physician Assistant/Master's in Public Health student.

What brought you to GW?
I came to GW for the joint PA/MPH program. There are few truly integrated programs in this country and GW’s is one of the oldest and is well-supported. The opportunities for different public health tracks were exciting! GW offers a unique opportunity to learn in a city while surrounded by so many organizations and agencies dedicated to global health and environmental health, which are my two research areas of interest. Combining those opportunities with a stellar PA degree was one that I could not resist.

Are there any special/memorable research or special projects you have participated in while at GW?
The most memorable project I was involved with was certainly my Culminating Experience for my MPH. That manuscript was a true labor of love, starting with a simple PICO statement and ending in the publication of a systematic review 9 months later. It was some of the most taxing work I’ve ever engaged in, but the ultimate reward of publication was well worth it. I have a newfound appreciation for the effort it takes to bring a topic through to publication.

What's been the most unexpected, surprising or challenging experience as a GW student?
The most challenging experiences as a GW student have come in my clinical year of my PA degree. The long hours that come with 6 weeks of a general surgery rotation are not to be underestimated! Setting my alarm for 3:45 am, desperately sipping coffee, rounding on patients, and then glimpsing sunrise a few hours later - all before a full day of cases gave me a new appreciation for how productive an early riser can be. Any sleep deprivation, however, was worth the singularly unique experience of actively assisting and participating in surgical procedures.

As you reflect on your time at GW, can you share a favorite Himmelfarb Library memory or experience you found to be the most useful?
I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at the Himmelfarb Library. While I was working on my systematic review, I met with a reference librarian who helped me structure the right search terms and organize the resulting several thousand search results. It was a daunting prospect to work my way through the results, but with his help I was able to be as organized and efficient as possible and confident that my search had picked up the right sources. That organizational help paid off down the road as I needed to have quick access to my sources for the publication process.

What are your plans after GW?
After graduation I plan on practicing emergency medicine in Michigan with the ultimate goal of incorporating environmental and public health into my professional sphere. As my master’s research focused on the human health impacts of climate change, I particularly want to focus on climate issues and future challenges specific to my patient populations.

When you are not studying - What are your hobbies, interests or special things you like to do during your down-time?
It seems to be a rare moment that I’m not on site at a clinical rotation or studying in this clinical year. In those moments, however, you can find me sampling the numerous restaurants and coffee shops in my DC neighborhood. I’m slowly working down a list and trying to eat at each one before I graduate!

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