New Books

Blueprints obstetrics & gynecology / Tamara Callahan, Aaron B. Caughey
Crush step 1 : the ultimate USMLE step 1 review / Theodore X. O'Connell, Ryan A. Pedigo, Thomas E. Blair
Behavioral science / Barbara Fadem, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey
Gross anatomy / Kyung Won Chung, Harold M. Chung, Nancy L. Halliday
Microbiology and Immunology / Louise Hawley, Richard J. Ziegler, Benjamin L. Clarke
The brain atlas : a visual guide to the human central nervous system / Thomas A. Woolsey, Joseph Hanaway, Mokhtar H. Gado
Critical care nephrology / [edited by] Claudio Ronco, Rinaldo Bellomo, John A. Kellum, Zaccaria Ricci
Handbook of surgical technique : a true surgeon's guide to navigating the operating room / Christopher J. Hartman, Louis R. Kavoussi
Nursing fundamentals / series editor, MaryAnn Hogan, PhD(c), MSN, RN, CNE, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts consulting editors, Geralyn Frandsen, EdD, RN, Professor of Nursing, Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri, Christine Kleckner, MSN, Nursing Instructor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN
Toxicology of herbal products / Olavi Pelkonen, Pierre Duez, Pia Maarit Vuorela, Heikki Vuorela, editors
My doctor said, trust me / Beth Bach
The psychological and social impact of illness and disability / Irmo Marini, Mark A. Stebnicki, editors
Color atlas of genetics / Eberhard Passarge
Inherited metabolic epilepsies / editor, Phillip L. Pearl
Suicide assessment and treatment : empirical and evidence-based practices / Dana Alonzo, Robin E. Gearing
Current diagnosis & treatment. Nephrology & hypertension / edited by Edgar V. Lerma, Mitchell H. Rosner, Mark A. Perazella
The encyclopedia of elder care : the comprehensive resource on geriatric health and social care / Elizabeth Capezuti, Michael L. Malone, Daniel S. Gardner, Ariba Khan, Steven L. Baumann, editors
Spinal instrumentation : challenges and solutions / Daniel H. Kim, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Richard G. Fessler, Kris Radcliff
Fleischer's sonography in obstetrics and gynecology : textbook and teaching cases / edited by Arthur C. Fleischer, Jacques S. Abramowicz, Luis F. Gonçalves, Frank A. Manning, Ana Monteagudo, Ilan E. Timor-Tritsch, Eugene C. Toy
Differential diagnosis in dermatology / Klaus F. Helm, Galen T. Foulke, James G. Marks
Essentials of pharmacology for health professions / Bruce J. Colbert, Ruth Woodrow
Ultrasound : a core review / editors, Ruchi Shrestha, Ka-Kei Ngan
How to shoot video that doesn't suck / by Steve Stockman
Building brains : an introduction to neural development / David J. Price, Andrew P. Jarman, John O. Mason and Peter C. Kind
Sensation & perception / Bennett L. Schwartz, Florida International University, John H. Krantz, Hanover College
Health policy : application for nurses and other healthcare professionals / Demetrius J. Porche
Health policy and advanced practice nursing : impact and implications / [edited by] Kelly A. Goudreau, Mary C. Smolenski
Sitaraman and Friedman's essentials of gastroenterology / edited by Shanthi Srinivasan, Lawrence S. Friedman
Essential echocardiography : a companion to Braunwald's Heart disease / [edited by] Scott D. Solomon, Justina C. Wu, Linda D. Gillam
Psychology of aging : a biopsychosocial perspective / Brian P. Yochim, Erin L. Woodhead, editors
Human medical experimentation : from smallpox vaccines to secret government programs / Frances R. Frankenburg, editor
Pale rider : the Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it changed the world / Laura Spinney
Deadliest enemy : our war against killer germs / Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPM and Mark Olshaker
Counting backwards : a doctor's notes on anesthesia / Henry Jay Przybylo, MD
The enlightened Mr. Parkinson : the pioneering life of a forgotten surgeon and the mysterious disease that bears his name / Cherry Lewis
Dying and living in the neighborhood : a street-level view of America's healthcare promise / Prabhjot Singh, MD, PhD
Metrics : what counts in global health / Vincanne Adams, editor
Our bodies, our data : how companies make billions selling our medical records / Adam Tanner
Schiff's diseases of the liver / edited by Eugene R. Schiff, Willis C. Maddrey, K. Rajender Reddy
Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice : model & guidelines / [edited by] Deborah Dang, Sandra L. Dearholt
LGBTQ-inclusive hospice and palliative care : a practical guide to transforming professional practice / Kimberly D. Acquaviva
Nurse as educator : principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice / edited by Susan B. Bastable
Formulating a differential diagnosis for the advanced practice provider / Jacqueline Rhoads, Julie C. Penick, editors
Family nurse practitioner certification intensive review : fast facts and practice questions / Maria T. Codina Leik
Predatory publishing research guide
HIV pharmacotherapy : the pharmacist's role in care and treatment / [editor] Jason J. Schafer with [section editors] Jennifer M. Cocohoba, Elizabeth M. Sherman, Alice L. Tseng
Applied clinical informatics for nurses / edited by Susan Alexander, Karen H. Frith, Haley Hoy
A practical guide to Parkinson's disease : diagnosis and management / Alexandra Armitage, editor
Frameworks for advanced nursing practice and research : philosophies, theories, models, and taxonomies / Rose Utley, Kristina Henry, Lucretia Smith
Clinical leadership for physician assistants and nurse practitioners / Michael J. Huckabee
Succinct pediatrics. Book 3, Evaluation and management for newborn, genetic, neurologic, and developmental-behavioral disorders / editors, Leonard G. Feld, John D. Mahan associate editors, John M. Lorenz, Warren M. Siegel
Physical medicine and rehabilitation oral board review : interactive case studies / [edited by] R. Samuel Mayer
Concise guide to child and adolescent psychiatry / by Mina K. Dulcan, Rachel R. Ballard, Poonam Jha, Julie Sadhu
Health, illness, and optimal aging : biological and psychosocial perspectives / Carolyn M. Aldwin, PhD, Heidi Igarashi, PhD, Diane Fox Gilmer, PhD, Michael R. Levenson, PhD
Handbook of DSM-5 disorders in children and adolescents / Sam Goldstein, Melissa DeVries, editors
LGBTQ cultures : what health care professionals need to know about sexual and gender diversity / Michele J. Eliason, Peggy L. Chinn
Environmental health in nursing / editors: Jeanne Leffers, Claudia M. Smith, Katie Huffling, Ruth McDermott-Levy, Barbara Sattler
Exercise & physical activity : your everyday guide from the National Institute on Aging at NIH / [Anne Brown Rodgers, writer]
Workout to go : a sample exercise routine from the National Institute on Aging at NIH
Clinical hematology atlas / Bernadette F. Rodak, Jacqueline H. Carr
Project planning and management : a guide for nurses and interprofessional teams / [edited by] James Harris, [and several others]
Prescription for excellence : leadership lessons for creating a world-class customer experience from UCLA Health System / Joseph A. Michelli
The Cleveland Clinic way : lessons in excellence from one of the world's leading healthcare organizations / Toby Cosgrove
Communication the Cleveland Clinic way : how to drive a relationship-centered strategy for superior patient experience / edited by Adrienne Boissy, Timothy Gilligan
Current diagnosis & treatment. Nephrology & hypertension / [edited by] Edgar V. Lerma, Mitchell H. Rosner, Mark A. Perazella
The exchange strategy for managing conflict in health care : how to defuse emotions and create solutions when the stakes are high / Steven P. Dinkin, Barbara Filner, Lisa Maxwell
Healthcare information security and privacy / Sean P. Murphy
High performance healthcare : using the power of relationships to achieve quality, efficiency and resilience / Jody Hoffer Gittell
Innovation the Cleveland Clinic way : powering transformation by putting ideas to work / Thomas J. Graham
The innovator's prescription : a disruptive solution for health care / Clayton M. Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman, Jason Hwang
It's about patient care : transforming healthcare information technology the Cleveland Clinic way / by C. Martin Harris and Gene Lazuta
Lean six sigma for hospitals / Jay Arthur
Management lessons from Mayo Clinic : inside one of the world's most admired service organizations / Leonard L. Berry, Kent D. Seltman. 2008
Measuring ROI in healthcare : tools and techniques to measure the impact and ROI in healthcare improvement projects and programs / Victor Buzachero, Jack Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Zack L. Phillips
Performance improvement for healthcare : leading change with lean, Six sigma, and constraints management / Bahadir Inozu, Dan Chauncey, Vickie Kamataris, Charles Mount
Pulmonary physiology / Michael G. Levitzky
Service fanatics : how to build superior patient experience the Cleveland Clinic way / by James Merlino
Teaching in nursing and role of the educator : the complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development / Marilyn H. Oermann, Jennie C. De Gagne, Beth Cusatis Phillips, editors
The encyclopedia of elder care : the comprehensive resource on geriatric health and social care / Elizabeth A. Capezuti, Michael L. Malone, Daniel S. Gardner, Ariba Khan, Steven L. Baumann, editors
Healthcare finance : an introduction to accounting & financial management / Louis C. Gapenski, Kristin L. Reiter
Healthcare operations management / Daniel B. McLaughlin and John R. Olson
The law of healthcare administration / J. Stuart Showalter
Introduction to the financial management of healthcare organizations / Michael Nowicki
Health services management : a case study approach / [edited by] Ann Scheck McAlearney, Anthony R. Kovner
Leadership for public health : theory and practice / James W. Holsinger, Jr., Erik L. Carlton
Leadership in nursing practice : changing the landscape of health care / Daniel Weberg, Kara Mangold, Tim Porter-O'Grady, and Kathy Malloch
Urban planning and public health : a critical partnership / by Michael R. Greenberg, Dona Schneider
Preventing alcohol-related problems : evidence and community-based initiatives / edited by Norman Giesbrecht and Linda M. Bosma
Population health : principles and applications for management / Rosemary Caron
Proposal writing for clinical nursing and DNP projects / Wanda Bonnel, Katharine V. Smith
Neurosurgical emergencies / [edited by] Christopher M. Loftus
Gastrointestinal physiology / Kim E. Barrett
The Harriet Lane handbook : a manual for pediatric house officers / the Harriet Lane Service, Children's Medical and Surgical Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital editors, Branden Engorn, Jamie Flerlage
Interesting cases in oncologic imaging : gastrointestinal and urogenital / Sandro Santos Fenelon, MD, Marcio Ricardo Taveira Garcia, MD, Marcos Roberto Menezes, MD, PhD
Vitreoretinal disease / [edited by] Ingrid U. Scott, MD, MPH, [and several others]
Handbook of otolaryngology : head and neck surgery / [edited by] David Goldenberg, Bradley J. Goldstein
Top 3 differentials in radiology : a case review / [edited by] William T. O'Brien, Sr. DO, FAOCR
Spinal instrumentation : challenges and solutions / [edited by] Daniel H. Kim, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Richard G. Fessler, Kris Radcliff
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