Loansome Doc is a method for ordering articles from a PubMed search by simply tagging those in which you are interested and submitting to Himmelfarb Library through the National Library of Medicine's document delivery system, DOCLINE. After receiving your request, we will copy the articles and send them to you. If we do not own a particular journal in which an article is requested, we may be able to forward the request to another Library.

Registration for the Loansome Doc service is required. You must register first with Himmelfarb Library, and then with the National Library of Medicine via their website.

To begin, complete the online registration form.

Delivery Options

You may choose to have articles:

  • Picked up by you at the Library.
  • E-mailed to you.
  • Mailed to you.
  • Faxed to you (additional $4.00 charge for ILL or Document Service items).

If you have not received your request within a reasonable length of time (usually 1-2 weeks), please call (202) 994-2860 to check the status.

Canceling Requests

You may cancel a request within one working day of the time you submitted it. If the request has already been filled, or has been transferred to another library, you will be responsible for the charges.

Contact Information

For additional information on the Loansome Doc service, or to be faxed a registration form, please contact us by telephone at (202) 994-2860 or by e-mail at

The George Washington University