Food and Drink Policy

The following restrictions apply to food and drink within Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library:

  • No food or drinks are allowed near any equipment or computer workstations. Off-limit areas include:
    • 1st and 3rd floor computer stations
    • B103 Computer Classroom
  • Drinks must be in one of the following container types:
    • Mugs with a screw-on or snap-on top
    • Bottles with a pop-up closure (sports bottles) or screw-on cap (soda bottles)
  • No open bottles or other containers of any type for drinks
  • Food is only allowed in modest quantities (such as sandwiches, fruit or snacks).
  • No food deliveries are allowed within the Library.
  • Clean up and dispose of trash properly. No food evidence or empty containers may be left on the table.
  • If you must eat while at Himmelfarb, the best spots are the Library Lobby and the 3rd floor Student Lounge.
  • Thank you for your compliance. Please be prepared for Library Staff to enforce this policy.