Himmelfarb Library Policies for Use of Charging Lockers

About the charging lockers

Himmelfarb Library provides 10 charging lockers for re-charging electronic devices. Lockers are located by the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Lockers may only be used to store electronic devices while they are charging. Other items are subject to removal by library staff members. (We check lockers on a periodic basis.)

Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lockers are only for use by affiliates of the SMHS, GWSPH, and SON.

Users must provide their own cables; Himmelfarb does not offer loaner cables.

Instructions for locking and unlocking are posted at the charging station.

To use a locker

Users must “check out” a charging locker at the Circulation Desk, where the locker tower is located. A valid GWorld card or GW Hospital ID is required.

The loan period for lockers is 4 hours. Users who do not collect their devices within that time frame face overdue charges and possible removal of their devices by staff.

NOTE: Library staff members clean out the contents of the charging lockers every Friday afternoon at 3pm. Items found in the lockers at that time that were checked out prior to 11am that morning are collected and turned over to GWPD.

Users are responsible for making sure their devices are securely locked. Himmelfarb Library assumes no liability for lost/stolen/damaged items.

Forgotten code

If a user forgets his/her code, (s)he will need to demonstrate proof of ownership of the electronic device to the Circulation Desk manager on duty.

Items not claimed within a reasonable time, or whose owners cannot prove ownership, will be turned over to GWPD.


Please bring any issues or questions concerning the charging lockers to the attention of a Circulation Desk manager.