Special Collections

Humanities & Health Collection

Literary accounts of illness can teach healthcare providers concrete and powerful lessons about the lives of sick people. Just as important, great works of fiction about medicine enable those in healthcare to recognize the power and implications of what they do. Himmelfarb Library has always selectively acquired books classified in the Literature in Medicine genre and made them available through the Humanities & Health Collection.

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Himmelfarb invites anyone who wants to honor or remember a loved one to make a donation to the Humanities and Health Collection in addition to their regular contributions to the educational, clinical and research programs of SMHS, SON, and GWSPH.

To make a donation contact the Himmelfarb Reference Desk at 202-994-2850 or email himmelfarb@gwu.edu.

Historical Collection

Himmelfarb Library has a limited Historical Collection including titles from the Classics of Medicine Library series. These are facsimile reproductions of historical titles including Osler's Aequanimitas, Oliver Wendell Holmes' Essays on Medicine, and Galen's On the Usefulness of Part of the Body. The volumes can be used in Himmelfarb on request. Contact the Circulation Desk at 202-994-2962 or email mlbcir@gwu.edu. Contact the Reference Desk at 202-994-2850 or himmelfarb@gwu.edu for more information about the Historical Collection at Himmelfarb.

Healthy Living Collection

Located on the first floor of Himmelfarb Library near the elevators, the Healthy Living Collection provides access to books focused on aspects of wellness to support our health sciences students, faculty, and staff. This collection promotes quick, easy, and appetizing recipe books that are helpful in focusing on healthy eating habits throughout the year, especially during Finals week or heavy project loads. When you need to escape, you're able to get great tips from our titles on mindfulness meditation or indulge in literary works of humor and the human experience. The items in this collection are available for onsite use as well as for check out.