To schedule orientations and instruction sessions, please contact Elaine Sullo at 202-994-2853 or Please let her know the course name and/or student group, any specific topics that you would like covered, and your contact information.

The table below lists some of the types of instruction we can provide, and an estimate of the time required for each type of skills session. Reference Librarians can assist with improving student information literacy on how to use appropriate library resources when conducting research.

Introduction to Himmelfarb Library 15-20 minutes
Features of Himmelfarb Library web portal 10-15 minutes
Tour of library 15-30 minutes
On- and Off- campus access 10-20 minutes
Selecting a resource (textbook vs. article) 10 minutes
Overview of databases 2-5 minutes per database
Building a search strategy (specify database) 20-30 minutes
How to do a research project (building a research question/project) 15 minutes
Internet search engines 10 minutes
Evidence Based Medicine/EBM database instruction 30-60 minutes
Plagiarism/Copyright 15-20 minutes
Tracking down a full-text article from a citation 15-20 minutes
Building a bibliography using RefWorks 60-90 minutes *
Website evaluation 5 minutes
Hands on practice session (w/customized questions & answers) 30-60 minutes
HIPAA Training 10 minutes

* Includes hands-on instruction