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Access from on-campus and via VPN only. Click 'i' for access instructions.

Interactive self-paced learning modules to support education on high-quality, culturally competent patient care via telehealth technology.  Modules are designed for clinicians in any field and at all levels of experience.  Modules include basics plus technology, patient approach, regulations, reimbursement, ethics, team-based care, and infrastructure and organizational issues.  Developed by GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences and School of Nursing; published by Wolters Kluwer.

Access: available from on-campus locations and via VPN from off-campus locations. 

Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery
New Interface: MedOne Neurosurgery

Thieme's entire neurosurgical library including nearly 50,000 pages of full-text journal and e-book content, 40,000 images and videos, and 250 step-by-step illustrated procedures.


Randomized controlled trials database identifies registered trials, preprints, and published results.  Evidence surveillance system powered by artificial intelligence (AI), TrialStreamer scans key repositories including PubMe, and the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform [ICTRP]) and extracts key pieces of information to present users summarized information on study populations, interventions, and outcomes.  Produced by international academic collaboration behind RobotReviewer

Trip Database
Medical search engine with emphasis on evidence based medicine (EBM) and clinical guidelines and queries, including content from Cochrane and Bandolier.