E-Resources FAQs

The electronic journal collection at Himmelfarb is composed of thousands of journal titles from a wide variety of publishers and content providers. Journals and articles from these various publishers and providers may be accessed in many different ways. If you are having trouble getting to articles, below are some solutions to common access issues.

Tips for Navigating to Articles

  • Spelling counts. Check your spelling a second time. A typo will likely result in an "error" message.
  • Check dates. Some e-journals may have multiple access links listed with differing date ranges. Be sure to select a link that provides access that includes the date of the article you need.
  • Find a link for "Archive." Also may be termed "past issues," or "previous issues" on the publisher page. This sort of a link on a publisher's site will usually bring you to a list of volume and/or issue numbers you can browse.
  • Found title, but not the needed issue. Some publishers may not provide online access to issues that predate when the journal began to be published online. Current issue restrictions may also apply (see below). If Himmelfarb collected the issue in print, it will be available in either onsite or offsite storage. Select the "Print Holdings" option from the e-journals page to find more detailed location information.
  • Current issue restrictions. Some publishers offer electronic access to articles only after a certain amount of time has passed since they were issued. This amount of time could be anywhere from three months to two years.
  • No PDF listed. Some publishers may provide access to articles in PDF or HTML or both. If you cannot find the format you desire, the publisher may not make articles available in that format.

Cannot Find Needed Title or Issue

Images or Illustrations

  • Access to illustrations may be problematic in some formats of electronic articles. If you are unable to find article illustrations with access to the article, try to find the article in print. If Himmelfarb does not collect the journal in print, you can borrow it from another library.

Off Campus Use

Appropriate Use

  • When accessing and using the Himmelfarb e-journal collection, please keep the library's Appropriate Use Policy in mind.

Use of Electronic Articles

  • Saving/downloading: You can save a PDF file on your desktop, hard drive, or thumb drive.
  • Emailing: Articles downloaded in PDF can be emailed as attachments. Some publishers may provide a mechanism to email HTML articles as well.
  • Printing: Electronic articles can usually be printed out for use. Sometimes a publisher will offer a "printer friendly" version of an HTML article, which may display on paper in a more user-friendly way.
  • Distributing: Most articles you will find through the e-journals page will be protected by copyright law. Making multiple copies of an article or posting an article on another website may be prohibited. Before distributing an electronic article, review the Himmelfarb Appropriate Use Policy and abide by federal copyright laws.

More Questions? Please contact the Serials Department at (202) 994-9756 or himmsubs@gwu.edu.