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Himmelfarb Headlines - February / March 2013

Emerging Technologies - Journal Citation Reports

What is the most influential journal in your field? Where should you submit your article for publication to maximize exposure? Which journal might garner your research the most citations? Journal Citation Reports can tell you the top rated journals in your field (as determined by their various calculations).

Journal Citation Reports provides many journal ranking calculations, including:

  • Impact Factor - The average number of times articles from a journal have been cited in the year. High impact factor shows a higher ratio of citations per article. This measurement can favor journals that publish a high volume of review articles, as these are cited more frequently than original research.
  • Immediacy Index - Indicates how quickly articles in a journal are cited. High immediacy index shows quicker citation. This measurement can favor journals that publish more frequently than bimonthly or quarterly, since articles published earlier in the year have a greater chance of being cited within the same year.
  • Eigenfactor - Takes impact factor several steps farther by analyzing the chain of citation history instead of immediate-only citations. This provides a fuller picture of a journal's importance. Eigenfactor is expressed as a five-place decimal (JAMA = 0.28566, BMJ = 0.14402), so it is more difficult to compare titles.
  • Article Influence - Divides the Eigenfactor by the total number of articles in a journal. This normalized value shows journals with above-average influence as greater than 1.0 and below-average influence as less than 1.0.

Journal Citation Reports covers science and social sciences journals and lets you search by title, subject, publisher or country of publication. At GW, you can currently access 2011 data for over 8,300 science journals and 2966 social sciences journals. If you choose to view journals by subject, you can sort the list by title or by one of the metric categories.

The two lists shown in examples below illustrate the difference between impact factor and Eigenfactor rankings. New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet and JAMA are the clear leaders by both metrics, but the next six titles are rated differently for impact factor and Eigenfactor.

Journal Citation Reports is accessible through the Himmelfarb Library E-Databases page.

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