Himmelfarb Headlines - February / March 2018

Staff Spotlight - Introducing Shreeya Goyal, User Services Assistant

Shreeya Goyal, User Services Assistant

Tell us about your current position, when you began working at Himmelfarb and what you do.
I'm a user services assistant which means I assist library patrons with checking out books and other library resources and helping them them with all the services available here. I sit at the Circulation Desk. I also work as Overnight Library Monitor, which means assisting students after working hours form 12 AM - 8AM.  I started working at Himmelfarb almost a year ago.

What has been your experience working with students, faculty, and staff?
Working here has been a really great experience. Staff and faculty are really helpful and supportive. As a business school student, it's a nice change of atmosphere to work in a Health Science library.

What about your job do you enjoy most?
I enjoy meeting people throughout my shift and interacting with them.  Also there are chocolates and cookies left over after the events.

What advice would you give to a new Himmelfarb circulation staff member?
I would advise a new Himmelfarb circulation staff member to familiarize themselves with all the services provided in the library, as it will make it much easier for them to assist students with their problems. I would also advise them not to hesitate to ask other staff members for help, as they are very helpful.

Do you have a memorable moment or event at Himmelfarb Library?
Different events hosted by Himmelfarb library have been pretty memorable. I usually work overnight shifts at Himmelfarb so my shifts are generally quieter than regular hours shifts.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (i.e. hobbies, sports, activities, travel...)
As I'm relatively new to US, so I enjoy travelling to new places and cities. It's been really fun to explore DC in my spare time and attend various events hosted throughout the city. I also I enjoy reading books and watching movies.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hometown and your future goal.
I'm an international student from India and I have been living in DC for one and half years now. I'm pursuing Master's in Information Systems Technology from GW, School of Business. My future goal is to work at a prominent IT company as a Business Analyst.

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