Himmelfarb Headlines - February / March 2018

Take Your Teaching to the Next Level With Instructor-Focused Resources

Director's Desk, Anne Linton

« Are you looking for ways to incorporate active learning into your classroom?

« Have you linked to library resources only to find that these links didn’t work properly for your students?

« Not sure how to take advantage of Himmelfarb’s course reserve service?

Himmelfarb has numerous guides to help instructors with these and other instruction-related topics.

Active Learning Resources
Want to try flipping the classroom, but aren’t sure how to get started? This guide provides information about creating recordings; finding readings, images, tutorials, and cases; student assessment; available equipment and software; and instructional design.

Blackboard & Course Reserves
How does copyright law apply on Blackboard? Are you curious about how to use Himmelfarb’s course reserve services? This guide can help answer your questions about copyright responsibilities when posting to Blackboard, creating durable links, and placing items on course reserve at Himmelfarb.

This guide provides general guidance for basic copyright questions including fair use, how copyright applies when using Blackboard, Creative Commons licensing, finding images and media, and author rights.

Distance Education
If you teach a distance education course, this guide is worth bookmarking in your browser! Information about how distance students can access Himmelfarb resources, peer-review tips, conducting literature reviews, statistical resources, writing support for distance students, how to get help with research, tutorials, and library FAQs are all included in this comprehensive guide.

Faculty Webpage
Himmelfarb’s faculty webpage includes information on using the library’s resources, links to numerous teaching resources, research and writing support, links to tutorials, and links to contact information for a wide range of GW services.

Linking to Electronic Resources
Durable links can connect your students to e-books and journal articles in Himmelfarb’s collection. This guide shows you how to create and format links so students can connect seamlessly to course readings.

Team Effectiveness
Learn more about the purpose and use of teams, principles of effective teamwork, structural factors impacting team effectiveness, and assessment of team performance and learning. Information about team development, team dynamics, and team leadership are also included.

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