Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2018

Durable Links and Permanent Links

Durable Links and Permanent LinksIn July, the library will debut a new website and new integrated search that simultaneously searches the breadth of the library’s holdings: print and electronic, book and journal article, multimedia and text. As part of those changes to the library’s systems, faculty will need to review any durable links in course materials to ensure ongoing access to the library’s materials.

Over the past few years, durable links have become a popular way for faculty to connect students to required and recommended readings by providing a stable URL to access online articles, books, and databases provided by Himmelfarb Library. With the new systems, a small proportion of these durable links will require updates to ensure seamless access.

As part of this update, Himmelfarb Library is also offering a new linking format ‘permanent links’ which is designed to ensure that links to articles, books, and journals will continue working even as library systems evolve. These new permanent links rely on key information about the item -for example, a book’s ISBN - to create a link.

What do faculty need to do to prepare for these changes?

« Review the durable links guide to assess which links will require updating.
« Create new links to these resources via their publisher/provider or consider using the new permanent linking format described in the durable links guide.
« Ask us! If you have questions or are having a challenging time creating a durable link to a specific item, please contact us so that we can help.

If you have questions about durable links in general or need assistance with a specific item, please call Himmelfarb Library’s Reference Desk at 202-994-2850 or himmelfarb@gwu.edu

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