Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2018

PolicyMap is now via Himmelfarb Library

PolicyMapPolicyMap allows users to create maps by combing access to a data library with mapping and reporting tools. PolicyMap provides access to more that 150 data sources and also allows users to upload their own data. Users can then create maps, generate reports, and run analytics.

Faculty interested in exploring how PolicyMap might be integrated into instruction or research may want to explore some examples and functionality including:

« Easy Mapping for Public Health Insights demonstrates how to create assessment areas, collect data for those areas, and create compelling maps.
« 3-Layer Maps is a PolicyMap tool that lets you select up the three different data points to hone in on areas of the map that match each criteria.
« Kentucky Department for Public Health shows the power of combining data accessible via PolicyMap with their own data to provide public health professionals information on population characteristics.

To learn more about PolicyMap, you can look at PolicyMap YouTube Channel or check out tutorials including:

« Maps: Easily display data using different geographic parameters
« Tables: View data as a bar graph or chart to compare multiple geographies
« Reports: Run reports for predefined geographic areas or create a custom area
« 3-Layer maps: Find areas that meet up to three criteria for site selection or to locate hot spots
« Data loader: Upload your own address-level data
« Data download: Download PolicyMap data for use in your research

PolicyMap is available from on- and off-campus locations. Off-campus users can access PolicyMap via either VPN or web-based login. If you have questions, please contact Laura Abate (leabate@gwu.edu).

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