Himmelfarb Headlines - November / December 2018

Research Day Prep

Research Day PrepGet ready for  GW Research Days 2019!  Himmelfarb Library has resources to support you through every step of the process.  We’ll provide you instructions on writing an abstract to submit for Research Day, and continue to support you as you prepare your poster.  We’ll also help you get ready for the day itself as you consider what the judges are looking for, and help you make sure that you maximize your research by appropriately linking, sharing, and publicizing your poster!  Through it all, we’re happy to provide you videos of presenters and mentors from prior years so you can learn about the amazing breadth of research produced by GW students!

Writing Abstracts: learn the components, tips, and see examples of well-written abstracts

Research Day Posters: learn how to create an effective poster, show off your data via effective design, and locate copyright-free images and music.

Link, share and publicize your poster!  Learn how to archive your research for easy documentation on your CV and job applications.

Learn from prior Research Day participants by watching videos of presenters and faculty mentors at past Research Days discussing their research.

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