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Student Spotlight - Meet Jackie Omorodion, a medical student

Student Spotlight - Meet Jackie Omorodion, a medical studentThis feature lets us become better acquainted with the students that use the Himmelfarb library resources on a daily basis. Meet Jackie Omorodion, a medical student.

What brought you to GW?
I grew up in Toronto, Ontario so when deciding to apply to medical schools in the United States I was surprised by just how many programs there were. I knew I wanted to stay on the east coast and then narrowed it down to big cities that I thought I’d like to live in, which included DC. During my interview day here at GW, I was blown away by the students and faculty. I got the impression that they all really got along and were truly happy to be here. I wanted to be a part of this community. As well, there were great opportunities unique to GW that I hoped to take advantage of, such as the METEOR (Mentored Experience to Expand Opportunities in Research) Program. After being accepted here and being awarded a research fellowship opportunity through the METEOR Program, I knew that GW was where I was meant to be.

Are there any memorable research or special projects you have participated in while at GW?
The most memorable for me has been my work with my mentors through the METEOR Program, Dr. Henry Kaminski and Dr. Linda Kusner. Together, we completed projects focused on the cost of care for myasthenia gravis and neurological drug shortages. I entered medical school initially interested in Neurology, and though I have since gone down a different path, I learned an incredible amount about the scientific process and what it truly takes to conduct research from these projects. Importantly, I also gained wonderful mentors that I will keep with me long after I graduate.    

As you reflect on your years at GW, can you share a favorite Himmelfarb Library memory or experience you found to be the most useful?
Looking back, the time I spent studying on the second floor of Himmelfarb Library during my pre-clinical years stands out the most. At the time, it was routine for myself and many of my classmates to spend hours in lecture, followed by hours in the library reviewing the material. Though the hours were long, it was nice to know you weren’t in it alone and you had friends throughout the library doing the same thing. The fact we were all there made it easier to ask each other questions about a tough concept and made study breaks and coffee runs much more enjoyable as you always had someone nearby to go with. There was a lot of studying done but also many laughs had at Himmelfarb Library!  

What's been the most unexpected, surprising or challenging experience as a GW student?
Going into medical school, I expected to be very busy and I expected to have a crazy schedule, but I think one of the toughest parts of it all is just trying to juggle everything. Being at school, whether it’s in class or on the wards, deservingly takes up a significant amount of time. Trying to then make time for studying, extracurricular activities, research and family, while also setting aside time for myself and friends, both near and far, was difficult at times. I think I was able to do it though by making sure I was investing my time in things that were truly important to me, while prioritizing my commitments and to-do lists, and just tackling it all that way.  

What are your plans after GW?
I’m headed to Boston for residency! I’ll be going to Boston Children’s Hospital to complete my Pediatrics and Medical Genetics combined residency program there over the next four years. I’m excited and really looking forward to it.

When you are not studying - What are your hobbies, interests or special things you like to do during your down-time?
My study breaks and down-time often including catching up on one show or another that I’m following. Grey’s Anatomy has always been my favorite! I’ve also definitely taken advantage of being in DC over the last four years and have tried to make it out to our many museums whenever I have the chance. I last went to the National Museum of African American History and Culture and it was amazing! I also love going to concerts whenever I can and trying out many of the great restaurants in the city.

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