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Student Spotlight - Meet Cortni Romaine, Research Associate, GW School of Nursing, PhD student in Translational Health Sciences, PhD student in Translational Health Sciences

Student Spotlight - Meet Cortni Romaine, Research Associate, GW School of Nursing, PhD student in Translational Health Sciences, PhD student in Translational Health SciencesHimmelfarb Library continues this feature in our newsletter that lets us become better acquainted with our friends and colleagues at the George Washington University. In this issue, we learn more about Cortni Romaine, Research Associate, GW School of Nursing.

What brought you to GW?
I came to GW in March 2012 to work in the Office of Human Research. It was during this time I pursued my masters in Regulatory Affairs at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Clinical Research and Leadership. I was very fortunate to have my professional interests align so well with one of the incredible programs offered by GW. This is one of the few schools that offers these types of graduate degrees, allowing those of us in research to expand our knowledge and skills in an academic environment.

Are there any memorable research or special projects you have participated in while at GW?
In May 2017, my counterparts at Children’s National and I explored ways to further responsible conduct of research education through the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), funded by the NIH. We applied for, and obtained a small grant from a professional organization, and through our CTSA network, delivered a day long learning session with speakers from NIH, HHS, and community representatives. We offered continuing education credits and had over 200 attendees for this first year. It was exhilarating to work with such wonderful colleagues and find all the CTSA had to offer.

As you reflect on your years at GW, can you share a favorite Himmelfarb Library memory or experience you found to be the most useful?
Working so closely with the librarians at Himmelfarb has helped me not only in my work but also my doctoral pursuits. Learning how to harness the power of online search engines to churn out literature for you has been a huge time saver and one for which I am eternally grateful.

What's been the most unexpected, surprising or challenging experience as a GW student?
Working full time for all of my studies has been a challenge. I didn’t expect to miss so much with my friends and family due to studying, projects, or just plain exhaustion. However, I have been fortunate that my job and academic work often align. This allows me to apply my newly gained knowledge in a real world setting right away.

What are your plans after GW?
Probably a big nap! I see myself working in an academic institution to assess and improve their research enterprise through implementation science and sustainable models. This includes responsible conduct of research, sponsored projects process flows, and faculty and student support.

When you are not studying - What are your hobbies, interests or special things you like to do during your down-time?
I work with animal rescue groups in my area of Northern Virginia. It’s so heartwarming to see probably frightened dogs and cats open up and become the perfect companion for someone. I also enjoy going to concerts and going hiking or camping. Hopefully once I finish my doctorate I can get back out into nature.

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