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Himmelfarb Headlines - September / October 2019

Covidence: Systematic Review Management

Covidence: Systematic Review ManagementCovidence, a systematic review management system, is now available from Himmelfarb Library! Covidence is an online system that supports researchers during the entire process of preparing a systematic review - from uploading citations and identifying duplicates, through the screening process, to creating and populating data extraction forms and risk of bias tables, and on to exporting data to statistical software.

Himmelfarb Library’s Covidence license allows GW affiliates (students, faculty, residents, and staff) to work on multiple systematic reviews simultaneously and to collaborate on systematic review teams with both GW and non-GW researchers. For each Covidence review, users can upload up to 15,000 citations for screening. To get started on Covidence, sign up for an account via Himmelfarb Library’s Covidence subscription.

To learn more about Covidence, explore Himmelfarb Library’s Covidence Research Guide which provides access to video tutorials to guide you through the systematic review process. If you have additional questions about Covidence, Himmelfarb librarians are here to support you ( and additional support is also available:

Covidence Knowledge Base: an extensive, searchable database is available to provide answers to questions

Email directly or click on the question mark icon when you're logged into Covidence.

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