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Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2020

COVID-19 Research Guides

COVID-19 ImageHimmelfarb Librarians have been busy pulling together the latest information on COVID-19 to support GW! We have collaborated with GW faculty to develop resources to track the latest information on COVID-19, to pull together the most useful knowledge sources, and to provide educational support to our clinicians and residents.

COVID-19 Situation Report - The goal of this project is to keep GW’s leadership informed of the latest available information on multiple aspects of COVID-19 so that they can quickly scan new information. Our team scans the news and literature to identify key information, assesses its quality and usefulness, and summarizes the key takeaway information for each item. The Situation Report team also answers specific questions posed by GW clinicians. This guide is the result of collaboration between Himmelfarb Librarians and Clinical Public Health faculty, led by Dean Bopper Deyton, and makes these ‘Research Briefs’ available as well. Please contact Elaine Sullo ( with questions on this project.

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Research Guide: News and GW Resources - This guide is designed to guide users to the most reliable sources of COVID-19 information. It’s organized according to the type of information a user might need - including breaking news, newsfeeds, conferences and podcasts, and GW news. If you’re researching aspects of COVID-19, our list of databases and datasets may be useful; this page also links you to publisher-specific datasources (e.g. JAMA Network Coronavirus Disease 2019 Resource Center), and books from Himmelfarb Library’s collection as well as freely accessible titles. This extensive Research Guide is maintained on a daily basis to provide you with the best sources on clinical, laboratory and infection control; medical specialties; therapeutics, vaccines, and trials; epidemiology; public health and emergency response resources; health care workforce and wellbeing; and healthcare supplies and equipment. Please contact JoLinda Thompson ( with questions on this Research Guide.

Critical Care Primer: Educational Resources for Non-ICU Clinicians - To support clinicians who may be asked to return to the ICU, we have developed a list of educational resources in collaboration with GW faculty. Resources include links to freely-accessible course materials offered by the Society of Critical Care Medicine as well as locally developed video tutorials including an ICU Primer by Dr. Katrina Hawkins and Basic Management of a Ventilator with Dr. Babak Sarani. We also link to full-text articles, reference materials (example: One-Pager on COVID-19), and books from Himmelfarb’s e-book collection as well as freely accessible titles. Please contact Laura Abate ( with questions on this Research Guide.

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