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Himmelfarb Headlines - May / June 2020

Scholarly Publishing WebinarNew Webinar Series: Get Yourself Published, Promote Your Research

In February 2020, the Himmelfarb Scholarly Communications Committee launched a new webinar series, Get Yourself Published, Promote Your Research. This series of 8 biweekly pre-recorded sessions covers a range of topics focusing on different aspects of the scholarly publishing cycle, from publishing models and journal selection tools to using Covidence software to conduct a systematic review. The series is scheduled to conclude on May 20th with a session on copyright for authors.

I.  Introduction to Scholarly Publishing
An overview of the traditional publishing lifecycle, newer publishing models such as open access, and the characteristics that editors consider when evaluating an article for potential publication.
II.  Journal Selection Tools: Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research.
An overview of tools and resources that can help you select an appropriate journal for your research.
III.  Introduction to Predatory Publishing.
Learn about the differences in qualities of reputable and predatory publishers, identify red flags of predatory publishing, and develop the skills to identify a predatory publisher's website and email communications.
IV.  Measuring Impact: Quantifying the Effects of Your Research.
An overview of the two most common ways to determine the value and impact of a published article, including using traditional metrics (citations-based) and the newer altmetrics.
V.   ORCIDs: Maintaining Your Online Identity.
Learn what an ORCID is and how you can create and curate your own profile, as well as tips and tricks for easily keeping your ORCID up to date as your research advances.
VI.  Covidence Training.
A walkthrough of the common steps performed when creating a systematic review and how to use Covidence to streamline the process.
VII.  Citation Organization for Beginners.
Explore how bibliographic management tools such as RefWorks and EndNote can simplify the work of documenting and organizing references and citations throughout the publication process.
VIII.  Copyright for Authors.
A discussion of common copyright questions that authors encounter while putting together an article, including tools to assess fair use, use of Creative Commons licensed items, how to clear rights, and how to respond to publisher questions.

Detailed descriptions of each session as well as session recordings are available via the library's guide to scholarly publishing; session recordings are also available via Himmelfarb's YouTube page For more information on the webinar series, or general questions about scholarly publishing, contact Sara Hoover, Metadata and Scholarly Publishing Librarian, at

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