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Himmelfarb Headlines - November / December 2020

Introducing Preprints and Early Career Researcher Guides!

Introducing PreprintsHave you heard about preprints, but still aren’t really sure what they are or why there’s so much fuss about them? Or are you an early career researcher in search of help navigating the research, funding, and publishing process? Himmelfarb has two new guides that address these topics!

Preprints Guide
Preprints have been a hot topic in the scholarly publishing world recently. Preprint servers such as medRxiv and bioRxiv are rising in popularity, and the NIH has started indexing preprint articles in PubMed and PubMed Central (read the NIH Preprint Pilot announcement to learn more). But what is a preprint? And what do you need to know about them? Himmeflarb’s new Preprints Guide addresses these questions and provides more information about the pro’s and con’s of archiving preprints.

A preprint is a research manuscript that is made available before it has been put through the peer review process. Since preprints have not gone through the peer review process, it is important to approach preprint articles cautiously and to think critically about the article’s hypothesis, methodology, results, and conclusions. If you’d like to learn more about preprints, take a look at Himmelfarb’s Preprints Guide!

Early Career Researcher Guide
Traditionally, students and early career researchers learn about research and publishing from faculty mentors and more experienced colleagues. While the pandemic has made learning from more experienced colleagues more challenging, Himmelfarb’s new Early Career Researcher Guide can help you get a head start in understanding the research and publication process.

This guide highlights funding resources both within the GW community and from outside funders, resources that can help you find collaborators, as well as links to some of the best places to get started in the process. You’ll also find resources to help with writing research proposals and grant applications. Not sure which resources to use to conduct your literature review or how to develop efficient search strategies? This guide can help with that as well. Helpful resources about data management, publishing and promoting your research, and promotion and tenure are also covered.

So whether you’re new to research and publishing and want to learn more about how to get started, or you want to learn more about preprints, Himmelfarb can help!


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