Himmelfarb Headlines - February / March 2022

Learning About Scholarly Communications – 5 Minutes at a Time!

Learning About Scholarly Communications – 5 Minutes at a Time!Are you interested in learning more about tracking citations or article processing charges?  What about setting up a Google Scholar profile or getting help performing a systematic review?  If so, then you’ll be interested in the Scholarly Communications Short Video Library.  Produced by the Himmelfarb Library’s Scholarly Communication Committee, these brief videos (each around 5 minutes long) cover a wide range of scholarly communications topics which are broken down into three main categories.

The first category is project planning and development.  Among the videos included in this group is one on using the MeSH search builder function to perform advanced searches within PubMed.  Additionally, we cover issues ofcompliance with NIH’s data policies.  Among other things, we also cover appropriately assigning authorship credit using the CREDiT taxonomy.

The next category covers issues related to publication.  Including one covering the use of the Clarivate Manuscript Matcher tool, which suggests journals to which an author might submit their manuscript based on a text prediction tool.  There is also a video on how to change between AMA and APA citations styles when you need to re-format a manuscript for submission to a new publisher.  Some of the other videos in this category cover predatory publishers,article processing charges (APCs), and preprint servers.

The videos in the third category look at project promotion and preservation.  There is a video on the use of the Scopus database to track citations in order to measure the impact of a publication.  Also covered is the Himmelfarb Library’s Researcher Profile Audit Service (RPAS), through which a researcher can optimize their online researcher profiles.   In addition, we cover ways that a researcher can promote their research and publications to maximize impact.

The videos mentioned above are only a part of the Scholarly Communications Short Video Library – click the link to explore the whole library of available videos!


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