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Himmelfarb Headlines - February / March 2023

Director's Desk

Director's Desk, Laura Abate

While I love winter, I will admit that by February I am looking forward to spring! That said, a bright spot in Himmelfarb Library this winter has been the National Library of Medicine’s traveling exhibit ‘Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine in Harry Potter’s World.’  We've appreciated this exhibit which explores how J.K. Rowling embroidered 15th and 16th century medicine and science into key aspects of her books.  We are sorry to see it leave, but you can still explore the online exhibit.

As mentioned last month, Himmelfarb Library’s Sara Hoover has developed a new research guide to support researchers applying for NIH Grants.  The NIH Data Management & Sharing Plan (DMSP) Research Guide can help researchers learn about this new requirement and get them up and running to develop one by linking researchers to the DMP Tool; examples and templates; and background information to help users understand the requirement and navigate the process.

As a corollary to this effort, now is a great time to set up or maintain your ORCID account.  Whether you're an early career researcher or have authored numerous studies, an ORCID is necessary to ensure that your research and publications are connected to you, rather than other individuals with the same or similar names.  The Scholarly Publishing: ORCID@GW Research Guide can guide you through setting up your ORCID, maintaining your ORCID by linking it with Scopus, and using your ORCID to populate other systems like the SciENcv Biosketch.  We will also help you update your author information in Scopus so that all of your publications are associated with a single profile - yours!  If you have questions about this process, subit a request to our Researcher Profile Audit Service for a thorough review and update of your profiles and publications - and remember that Himmelfarb staff are here to help!

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