New Books

Practical strategies in geriatric mental health cases and approaches / edited by Laura B. Dunn, M.D., Erin L. Cassidy-Eagle, Ph.D.
Leadership : theory and practice / Peter G. Northouse, Western Michigan University.
Essentials of radiographic physics and imaging / James N. Johnston, Terri L. Fauber.
Practical implementation of an antibiotic stewardship program / edited by Tamar F. Barlam, Boston University School of Medicine, Melinda M. Neuhauser, Office of Antibiotic Stewardship, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pranita D. Tamma, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Kavita Trivedi, Trivedi Consults, LLC.
The physician assistant : an illustrated history / Thomas E. Piemme, Alfred M. Sadler, Jr., Reginald D. Carter, Ruth Ballweg ; sponsored by the Physician Assistant History Society.
Learned mindfulness : physician engagement and M.D. wellness / Frank John Ninivaggi.
Surgery morning report : beyond the pearls / edited by Austin D. Williams, Jonathan Y. Gefen, Barry D. Mann
Cardiovascular care made incredibly easy! / clinical editor, Mary Ann Siciliano McLaughlin, MSN, RN.
Primary care pain management / [edited by] Charles De Mesa, Samir J. Sheth, Craig Keenan, Robert M. McCarron, Joslyn John.
The child clinician's report-writing handbook / Ellen Braaten.
Treatable and potentially preventable dementias / edited by Vladimir Hachinski.
Pediatric and adolescent gynecology : a problem-based approach / edited by Sarah M. Creighton, Adam Balen, Lesley Breech, Lih-Mei Liao.
Plum and Posner's diagnosis and treatment of stupor and coma / edited by Jerome B. Posner, Clifford B. Saper, Nicholas D. Schiff, and Jan Claassen.
Maternal hemodynamics / edited by Christoph Lees, Wilfried Gyselaers.
Applied cranial-cerebral anatomy : brain architecture and anatomically oriented microneurosurgery / Guilherme C. Ribas.
Imaging physics / R. Brad Abrahams, Walter Huda, William F. Sensakovic.
Fleisher & Ludwig's 5-minute pediatric emergency medicine consult / editors in chief, Robert J. Hoffman, Vincent J. Wang.
Motor learning and performance : from principles to application / Timothy D. Lee Richard A. Schmidt.
Assessment in applied sport psychology / Jim Taylor, editor.
Transplantation pathology / edited by Phillip Ruiz, University of Miami School of Medicine.
Prescriber's guide : antipsychotics / Stephen M. Stahl.
Nutritional epigenomics / edited by Bradley S. Ferguson.
Basic & clinical biostatistics / Susan E. White ; Jason Malley and Leah Carton [editors].
Advances in clinical radiology / edited by Frank Miller.
The basics of psychotherapy : an introduction to theory and practice / Bruce E. Wampold.
Calcium signaling / edited by Geert Bultynck, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Martin D. Bootman, The Open University, Michael J. Berridge, The Babraham Institute, and Grace E. Stutzmann, Rosalind Franklin University, The Chicago Medical School.
CPT 2020 professional edition / American Medical Association.
Primary progressive aphasia and other frontotemporal dementias : diagnosis and treatment of associated communication disorders / [edited by] Rene L. Utianski.
Talley & O'Connor's clinical examination essentials : an introduction to clinical skills (and how to pass your clinical exams) / Nicholas J. Talley, Simon O'Connor.
Textbook of neuroanesthesia and neurocritical care. Volume II, Neurocritical Care / Hemanshu Prabhakar, Zulfiqar Ali, editors.
Textbook of neuroanesthesia and neurocritical care. Volume I, Neuroanesthesia / Hemanshu Prabhakar, Zulfiqar Ali, editors.
Geriatrics at your fingertips / authors, David B. Reuben, Keela A. Herr, James T. Pacala, Bruce G. Pollock, Jane F. Potter, Todd P. Semla.
WHO classification of tumours of the lung, pleura, thymus and heart / edited by William D. Travis, Elisabeth Brambilla, Allen P. Burke, Alexander Marx, Andrew G. Nicholson.
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.
Health economics : theory, insights, and industry studies / Rexford E. Santerre, Professor of Finance and Healthcare Management, Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Connecticut, Stephen P. Neun, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Antioch University New England.