Study Room Reservations

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Study rooms in the Himmelfarb Library must be reserved prior to use. Please note, while this is a change from our normal first-come, first-served policy, nearly all study rooms are available for reservation and reservations are required for use. Due to social distancing, most of the rooms can accommodate one person and a limited number of rooms can accommodate two or four people:

  • 1 person maximum occupancy: most rooms
  • 2 person maximum occupancy: Himmelfarb B100B, B100A, 203G, 204H, 203C, 204C, 304I, 304C, and 305H only
  • 4 person maximum occupancy: Himmelfarb 303 only

NOTE: Classroom Services still handles reservations for the following library classrooms: 202, B102, B103, and B100C.

The following guidelines apply to study rooms:

  • Only GW students with access to Himmelfarb Library may use or reserve these rooms. Study rooms at Gelman and VSTC Libraries are available for students with access to those libraries.
  • All study rooms at Himmelfarb Library MUST be reserved in advance.
  • To ensure that all students have access to our limited spaces, rooms may only be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours per day.
  • Students may sign up for a room on an occasional basis, up to seven days in advance.
  • Most study rooms can be occupied by 1 person only.
  • Exceptions are as follows:
    • 2 people: Himmelfarb B100B, B100A, 203G, 204H, 203C, 204C, 304I, 304C, and 305H.
    • 4 people: Himmelfarb 303
  • If you leave the room unattended for more than 15 minutes, you may forfeit the use of that room. You are expected to use the room during the time reserved.
  • Do NOT leave your belongings unattended. They should not be used to "hold" a room, and may be stolen.
  • Be considerate of others: limit noise, limit food and drink, and clean up prior to leaving.
  • Please be courteous in asking others to vacate your room during your reserved time. Bring any questions to the 1st floor Circulation Desk.
  • Himmelfarb Library reserves the right to modify the schedule at any time.
  • Questions should be addressed to the Circulation Desk.