Reserves Guidelines

The following items may be placed on reserve:

Print Reserves A/V Electronic Reserves Streaming Reserves
Book Chapters
Journal Articles
Bound Journals
(personal copies only)
Journal Articles
Recorded Audio/Video
Streaming Audio/Video

Please read the following guidelines for Himmelfarb Reserves:

  • All requests should be submitted using the online forms.
  • Please request your items 2-3 weeks prior to the start of each semester.
  • Book chapters must be less than 10% of the entire book.
  • You can renew your reserves one (1) semester per year, thereafter, please submit a new request.
  • All requested materials are subject to the U.S. Copyright law.
  • Please ensure all of your students have physical access to Himmelfarb Library for them to be able to use the Print and AV course reserve materials. Undergraduate access depends upon faculty member. Contact us for more information.
  • To place 5 or more articles on Electronic reserve, send one (1) reserve request using the online form, then email the list of articles (in Word or PDF format) to
  • Damaged, stolen or lost personal copies will be billed to the current user and the faculty member will be notified. It is the faculty member's responsibility to replace materials or remove the reserve.
  • Personal copies will be labeled with a barcode sticker.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for streaming audio and video.
  • Please leave a valid phone number and/or email address on your request form.
  • If using a personal item for reserve, please attach your business card to each item.

Contact Himmelfarb Reserves

Himmelfarb Library
Reserves Department