Streaming Reserves

Streaming reserves are requested by the faculty only. Access to these items are restricted to the faculty and students assigned to that particular Blackboard course. These items include streaming video and/or streaming audio files. These items are hosted via Blackboard.

Search & Request Items

Request E-ReservesStep 1: Request Himmelfarb Reserves

Find ArticlesStep 2: Request Streaming Reserves
(Streaming Media is completed through Gelman

Find Library-owned itemsFind Library-owned Items

How to Request Streaming Reserves

  1. Complete and submit the Streaming Reserves Request Form via Gelman Library.
  2. Complete and submit a Reserve Request Form via Himmelfarb Library.
  3. Give Himmelfarb Library access to your Blackboard course. See Video Tutorial for instructions on Giving Himmelfarb Access to your Blackboard Course. (If we do not gain access to your Blackboard course, we cannot fulfill your request.)
  4. Send in your proof of Copyright permission for that item. Use this email
  5. Once your items are posted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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