GW Writing Center @ Himmelfarb

Are you are currently writing a class paper, working on your CE or writing an article for publication and need help? The GW Writing Center @ Himmelfarb is available during Fall and Spring semesters. The service is FREE to all students, faculty and staff.

GW Writing Center Tutors Sign-up to schedule an appointment
Spring 2020 Semester: The Writing Center will have tutors at Himmelfarb beginning January 27. Meet with Iman or Aria on Mondays from 12 noon-2 pm, Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 pm, and Wednesdays from 4-8 pm.
Location: Himmelfarb Library 1st floor
Cost: Free

How do I make an appointment to meet with a tutor?

  • On-Campus: Health Sciences Tutor Consultations are available for GWSPH, SON, & SMHS students. You may sign up for a face-to-face consultation with a health sciences specialists tutor. Appointments available at both the Himmelfarb Library, Foggy Bottom Campus and the Virginia Science and Technology Ashburn Campus. Contact the Writing Center by phone at 202.994.3765 to make an appointment.
  • Distance Learning Appointments: The Writing Center uses Zoom, an interactive videoconferencing online interface that allows you to share your desktop and documents. Please visit the Online Students: Appointments webpage for instructions on how to schedule your distance learning appointment.

What type of support do they offer for non-native English speaking students?