Finding your resources

Okay, I have a good answerable question, now what resources should I search to answer my question?

Multiple options exist:

  • Textbooks
  • Monographs
  • Journal articles
  • Scientific reports and papers
  • Quality websites

I'll just start with a Google search....

Be aware that the free internet is good for some types of research and bad for other types. As a student in the health sciences, you will need accurate information, and you are expected to use professional-level information. You will be expected to know more than what patients find in their Google searches.

If you need to understand a disease mechanism, or decipher the etiology of a condition, compare treatment options, or analyze the causes of social phenomena, such as teen pregnancy and growing poverty rates, the web isn't going to work as well as other information sources. It will take you more time and energy to verify that you have reliable, up-to-date, and complete information than if you had just consulted a more reliable source in the first place.

We suggest you start with a scan of the textbooks and databases the Himmelfarb Library provides. These are all high quality and professional-level information.

Screenshot of Himmelfarb's homepage with an arrow pointing to the e-texts and e-database links

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